PDD Webinar Series

The PDD webinars series showcases the excellent work of our members on participatory and deliberative democracy. The series will run from late June to early September. Everyone is invited to discuss research on the question of how democracy can be reformed and transformed.

Webinar schedule & Recordings

Webinar 1: Quo Vadis, Radical Democracy?

Tuesday 30th June, 1pm GMT

  • Deliberative Anarchism, William Smith
  • Green Radical Democracy: Dynamics of collective identification in climate politics, Amanda Machin
  • Lessons from the radical democracy kaleidoscope: social movements through Marxist and a deliberative democratic lenses, Markus Holdo and Andrea Felicetti

Webinar 2: Democracy and Institutional Reform

Monday 6th July, 3pm GMT

  • Katie Hirono, Using Participatory Processes to Inform Decision-making for Health Equity: A Comparison of Citizen Juries and Health Impact Assessment
  • Shana Almeida, The Promise of Participation: Consultation as a Challenge to Racism and the Limits of Democracy
  • Doreen Grove, The Scottish Government Participation Framework

Webinar 3: Exploring the Communicative Boundaries of Participatory and Deliberative Democracy

Monday 20th July, 10 am GMT

  • Stephen Coleman, Television Election debates as deliberative spectacles
  • Marc Pinol Rovira, Why Digital Participatory Politics in Cambodia Are Under Threat And What This Means For Democracy
  • James Wong, Self-censorship and deliberative democracy

Webinar 4: Participatory Governance: How Participatory Systems Interact with Representative Institutions

Thursday 30th July, 3 pm GMT

  • Katharina Huseljić, Marco Wähner: All Politics is Local: Mobilization, Participation and Context Effects
  • Christoph Deppe, Dannica Fleuß: A Framework for Measuring Transmissions
  • Discussant: Oliver Escobar

Webinar 5: Democracy and Space: From Participatory Sites to Translocal Spatialities

Wednesday 2nd September, 3pm GMT

  • A Spatial Theory of Democracy, Hans Asenbaum
  • The Translocalization of Democracy: How Practices of Organizing Deliberative Mini-publics Circulate Around the Globe, Jan Peter Voß, Jannik Schritt
  • Beyond the Typical Places, Marta Wojciechowska

Webinar 6: Roundtable: The Handbook of Democratic Innovation and Governance

Tuesday 8th September, 3pm GMT

  • Kate Wimpress
  • Ali Stoddart
  • Chris Connolly

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