Book launch: authors John Dryzek and Ana Tanasoca in conversation with Eva Erman

About this event

The tensions between democracy and justice have long preoccupied political theorists. Institutions that are procedurally democratic do not necessarily make substantively just decisions. Democratizing Global Justice shows that democracy and justice can be mutually reinforcing in global governance – a domain where both are conspicuously lacking – and indeed that global justice requires global democratization. This novel reconceptualization of the problematic relationship between global democracy and global justice emphasises the role of inclusive deliberative processes. These processes can empower the agents necessary to determine what justice should mean and how it should be implemented in any given context. Key agents include citizens and the global poor; and not just the states but also international organizations and advocacy groups active in global governance. The argument is informed by and applied to the decision process leading to adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals, and climate governance inasmuch as it takes on questions of climate justice.

Join us on zoom on 8th July, 10am UK time for this exciting book launch with the authors, John Dryzek and Ana Tanasoca, in conversation with Eva Erman, chaired by Sonia Bussu.

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John Dryzek is Centenary Professor in the Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance, University of Canberra. One of the instigators of the ‘deliberative turn’ in democratic theory, his current research emphasises global justice, governance in the Anthropocene (an emerging epoch of instability in the Earth system), and response to the crisis of democracy.

Ana Tanasoca is research fellow in Philosophy at Macquarie University. She works in the area of normative political theory with a focus on international ethics and democratic theory.

Eva Erman is Professor at the Department of Political Science, Stockholm University. She works in the field of political philosophy, with special interest in democratic theory, critical theory and metaethics.

The event is a collaboration between the PSA Participatory and Deliberative Democracy specialist group and the Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance, University of Canberra.

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