Masterclass – Designing and facilitating public deliberation

8th February 2022, 3pm UK time

The PDD group is excited to announce our first masterclass in Designing and Facilitating Public Deliberation. This online, interactive event will be delivered on February 8th 2022, 3-6pm UK time by Susanna Haas Lyons, a public engagement expert with many years of experience as a facilitator both online and in person.
It will be an excellent opportunity for academics, practitioners and citizens to learn about and discuss the dos and don’ts of public deliberation, with a focus on the new opportunities and challenges raised by online engagement.

Deliberative public engagement processes have been applied and adapted rapidly across the world, addressing a wide range of topics, using different methods of engagement (online/offline), at various scales, and involving diverse participants.

The  role of conveners and facilitators remains of critical importance for a successful participatory processes to ensure reciprocity, equality, diversity and respect. The convening team clarifies the opportunity for influence, designs the discussion, recruits to ensure inclusion, facilitates dialogue and deliberation, evaluates, and supports the outcomes to have an impact.

This online masterclass aims to provide participants with the unique opportunity to look into the toolbox for delivering public engagement. It will take a practical look at key things to think about before, during and after running a deliberative democracy exercise.

The masterclass will be taught by Susanna Haas Lyons, an expert in deliberative democracy practice. Bridging online and face-to-face methods, Susanna has worked on over 100 large and complex citizen engagement projects across North America including: electoral reform for the province of British Columbia; rebuilding post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans; and electronic health records for the US federal government. Susanna is also an instructor with the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) and post-secondary institutions in British Columbia, Canada.

You can help shape the event so that it responds better to your interests and learning needs – just fill in this survey.

The event is free for all PDD members but you will need to register in advance. If interested, please email us at

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